As an artist, I really believe in this relationship with you, as you are the people I compose and play for. And it's a real privilege for me having you here, and listening to my music.

On this page, you'll find everything I've recorded since the begining of my "electronic adventure", even the tracks that are still not published and available on the streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. Enjoy the full and free playlists:


But I'm obviously also present on these plateforms, and I would be very grateful if you'd consider to follow me there too! These are the links to the principals:

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Now enjoy! And let me know your feedbacks! I'll be really happy to receive emails with your comments!


Since I don't feel like defining categories, and classical repertoire mostly inspires my creativity, you'll find here my personal recording of classical pieces in the middle of my own contemporary pieces... Hope you don't mind, and maybe you can understand the link between the pieces! Enjoy!


From the studio (exclusive)

Sound of elements, the concert




Last, but not least, if you are interested, you have here the opportunity to support my recording work with a donation. Since streaming does not really generate income, this is a very concrete way  for you to sustain the recording process of everything you can listen to here, and every little help from you allows me to continue on this path dedicating time and energy to new singles and album... So thank you in advance for your help!