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This Is No Mozart @ JeansMusic Festival

My very last work, This Is No Mozart for synth, electronics and chamber orchestra, will be premiered in Caprarica di Lecce (Apulia, Italy) at JeansMusic Festival ( on Sunday July 18th!

I'll be conducting the Orchestra Filarmonica di Lecce AND running the synths and electronics (still don't know how to do all this :-)) and I'm so excited about it.

The whole piece is composed with a minimalist approach, very close to the electronic music word, using sequences that are variations of Mozart's KV550 themes, but create obviously a complete different world... Since every movement refers to one of the four movements of the symphony... well, we will play Mozart in between!

Curious? If you're in Salento, don't miss the performance! It's free, you just have to register at

Here an other trailer, let me know what you think about it!



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