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Ladies and Gentlemen, the JeansMusic Festival!

In Caprarica di Lecce, Apulia-Italy, we will inaugurate the first JeansMusic Festival, dedicated to experimental, classical and electronic music! That's kind of a dream for me, that become true thanks to my friend of the Orchestra Filarmonica di Lecce.

Four concerts in July, with great friends artists who will presents astonishing musical projects: from the Silent Wifi Concert by Andrea Vizzini (2.7), to the Violin 2.0 (acoustic & electric - 4.7), Tabulae (an extraordinary performance by Matteo Franceschini - 16.7) and, last but not least, on sunday the 18th, I will conduct my new project Classical X with the première of my work Mozartiana for synth, orchestra and electronics based on Mozart's g-minor symphony's themes (we will play the marvelous symphony in between !)

Will you be joining us? 🤗



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