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Prayer - the words behind the music

BachBox Diaries

Do you know this strange sensation when the creativity flows nearly without any control? well, it's exactly what happened for Prayer. Everything started with the rythm of Bach's Allemande: it's in four, stable and round. I was suddently caught in a kind of waking dream where the words were forming a vicious circle: money - war - power - attack - bomb - kill - terror - god - prayer - forgiveness - humanity - earth - respect - peace - sex - money - war... and so on. We were always back at the same point. The greed for power, the vicious need for controlling the others in order to curb our fear, our eternal fear... How? with money, and with violence...

But I eagerly wanted a way out, a virtuous circle to oppose to the vicious one, a hope. And a solution came out, simply switching the place of the word respect. Respect, sure, but not only for the Earth -still very important-, but first of all for the people, and among them, the one that are closest to you, you live with and you love. Respect is the contrary of control, it means acceptance, protection, interest and humanity... For me, it represents the key to become a better human being. And the circle became: peace - sex - respect - earth - humanity - forgiveness - prayer - god - peace...

I know, I know, all this could sound a little bit too much for a single piece of music, and maybe it is... And there is surely a more cynical part of me revolting against the abyss of nihilism, and in the flow of music, I could'nt help avoiding to give space to delirium and nonsense. A nonsense that is present in all the BachBox album, that at the end of the day reflects the organized chaos of our minds... at least mine! :-)

If you want, you can listen to Prayer on Spotify, or if you leave me your contacts, I'll email you more info about me and a link where to listen to nearly everthing I've recorded, published and not published!

Have a nice day! - Matthieu



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