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Patches, the research for new sound

When you work with a synth, you can obviously use the presets patches with hundreds of surely great sounds available.

But to me, maybe the most interesting part is trying to pull out your own new sounds from it. And my Deepmind (the synth I'm working on in this video) is always really full of surprises. The base note played is A-flat, that you can here as the foundamental sound here. But the result is percussive repeated random interval exposed in a dirty, somewhere metallic sound...

For the synth nerds, I worked here separating the pitch of the two oscillators, and linking the osc2 pitch-mode to LFO random&hold mode. For the sound in itself, it's small decay, a unison-2 with detuned, some enveloppe to get a initial punch of high frequencies. But you can play with the kind of LFO you put on, and all parameters!

Will I use it in Nocturnes Électroniques I'm working on at the moment? still don't know... Curious about how it could sound with a piano...



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