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#OsmosisThePick - Murcof, The Alias Session

It was some time I was wandering around, without finding something really strong to put in the Osmosis playlist. And then, I listened to this new, plethoric, recording by the mexican artist Murcof, Alias Session (. This is strong, really.

You press play and you are literally dropped in a world of sounds, marvelously disposed in the space (do not listen to it without hearphones or a super hifi, it will loose half of it's interest!), often saturated.

I do love the minimalist side, based on percussive elements masterly worked, the incredible variety of sounds... well. Listen to it, you have to.

I've choosen Underwater Lament, but the whole album was really worth of being there...

-> listen to Murcof @ Osmosis, my Spotify playlist!

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