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#OsmosisThePick - Johannes Motschmann

This week, I added a track by Johannes Motschmann. Motschmann is a very interesting musician, classically trained and very open to new sounds, especially the "electrics" one.

His musical story explains pretty well the artistic result: an electric piano found in a cellar, his search for always more new instruments and sounds, which shape his compositions.

I was struck some times ago by Interoception (and the Lifestream album actually, I added it to the playlist at the time). Today I decided to add an other of his tracks, Echoes and Drones, from his Electric Fields Album (2016). Yeah, it's 5 years ago, but this is an orchestral version, with strings, and it interested me a lot the way he mixes the sounds there. Synths, vibraphone, strings... Love it. Let me know what you think about it!

See you next week, with the next pick!



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