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#OsmosisThePick - CEEYS, Trockendock

Very interesting new release of the great brothers Selke! Trockendock is a track that gives the name to a new album ispired by the Ian Urbina's "The Outlaw Oean": melancholic ocean voices, where the water often washes people's rights.

I added already a very interesting track by CEEYS some times ago, from a 2019 album Hiddensee, Helikopter that always told stories from the see. Well, this time, it's even more experimental, with great ambient "soundscrapes" inspired by the "underwater" mixed with typical string instruments noise like bow percussion, plain strings, taps etc... I did really enjoy the discovery, and I hope you will too!



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Nocturnes électroniques

the album

release on
March 3rd


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