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Loop III is out!

It is the (weird, I know) musical result of a new experience I've done: I tried to develop a dodecaphonic theme (if you don't know this, it's basically a way of organising the notes that develop Arnold Schoenberg at the begining of the previous century) in a way I would have done with an electronic step sequence, and play it on my #minilogue and #deepmind - and play it with the "drop sampler" I used already for the Sound of Elements "Drops of Freedom".

The result was quiet poetical and inspired me a piano improvisation, using always the sequence!

Well, it's no easy listening, I admit. But it has something hypnotic I cannot explain... and that I really like! What do you think?

You can listen to all of it (as well as to Drops of Freedom) in my community page!

see you soon!



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Nocturnes électroniques

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March 3rd


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