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The JeansMusicLab has been founded in 2013 in Milano, Italy, by Matthieu Mantanus in order to produce his new, (foolish) musical projects.


"When you have a precise idea of what you want to do, but you realize that it is dramatically out of the box and nobody knows how it will look like, you'd better do it by yourself!" joke about Matthieu.


The name "JeansMusic" was thought to illustrate his idea that music -included the "classical" repertoire- should be accessible to anyone and that the form we give to the concert is a crucial point to reach this goal.

Meeting with italian visual designer Sara Caliumi has been kind of a detonator for our productions. We have developed together a unique and peculiar language that unites  our arts. She signs the visual part of all our productions.

And from 2021 we are excited to present the new-born  JeansMusic Festival in Caprarica di Lecce, thanks to the  Orchestra Filarmonica di Lecce! Have a look to our program at!

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Sound Of Elements (2020)


BachBox (2018)


Intimacy (2016)


Baroque Reloaded (2019)


Jeans Symphony Orchestra (2014)

Sound Of Elements

Piano solo & live electronics

"Sound Of  Elements is my piano solo show with electronics, a tribute to Debussy's poetical music. It talks about his vision of nature versus our contemporary vision of the same elements. Water, Fire, Wind and Earth will be the fil rouge of this concert that goes from impressionism to electronic music, passing trough jazz."

The concert is either available in the Silent Wifi Concert mode (after an exclusive idea by Andrea Vizzini), listening live trough audio  headset!

Baroque Reloaded

Soprano, cello, harpsichord,

piano, live electronics & video mapping

"Usually playing marvelous Vivaldi or Pergolesi cantatas means transporting your audience in an antique world, to make people fully understand the music they're listening to. Baroque Reloaded do it the opposite way: the show transports the cantatas in our digital, super connected and sometimes violent world,  using their incredible power of inspiration to create a brand new contemporary and electronical musical music, in order to counterbalance the baroque and present it in a different point of view. "


Piano, live electronics, video mapping

(play with the pictures to discover the show)

ArtNight 2018 - Venice
ArtNight 2018 - Venice
ArtNight Venice
My Way
I Love You
J.S. Bach with Sara's visuals
Bach with Sara's visuals
To Bee or Not To Bee
Alternata again...
1/I Love You
4/To Bee or Not To Bee
The Box before the show
BachBox, stage sketch
Press releases

What kind of creativity could come from the meeting between classical music and electronics? The answer we give, together with italian visual designer Sara Caliumi is a spectacular multimedia journey in our contemporary world, where news, spirituality, travels, social media and IA come to light from the notes and the themes of Bach’s b-flat Partita.

Have a look!


Piano solo & video mapping

"Intimacy was a dream that has become true. Together with Sara Caliumi, the extra-talented visual designer I'm honored to work with within the JeansMusic lab, we succeeded in finding a way to get our public by the arm and go with them in a deep and somehow philosophical journey through music" - Matthieu Mantanus, JeansMusic lab founder and artistic director. During this poetical musical show, the public experience three different levels of intimacy he probably not expected to find there: the strong one between a instrumentalist and his instrument; the ephemeral one between a composer and his music; and in the end the one that should be the goal for every artist: yours.

Jeans Symphony Orchestra

To experience an alternative to the "classical" onstage performance: that's what the Jeans Symphony Orchestra was conceived to. First step -but not least- was clothes: torn out the severe frac, JSO's conductor and musicians face the public in their jeans!
JSO held Revolution!, its first concert, in Milan in 2013. JSO's founder, conductor Matthieu Mantanus, dared to transgress the strict laws of classical symphony concert: the stage bathed in a rock-alike blue lighting, Mantanus even talked to the public during the concert, highlighting the key moments of Beethoven's Eroica just before playing it. It was a success.
Matthieu Mantanus took then his JSO in primetime, presenting five short musical "lessons" on italian public TV, RAI 3. The excellent audience results demonstrate that music in itself is not the real problem to reach larger audiences; the main hurdle is the way it's presented.
Change the form to preserve the essence was the claim for this challenge.


The Jeans Symphony Orchestra is coproduced by Circuito Musica

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Photo by Elisabetta Vaninetti