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my music

by JeansMusic records


BachBox (2018)


Sound of Elements (2020)

My meeting with electronic sounds was totally unexpected. A kind of creative explosion due to the use of electronics instruments and synths. But since I remain a classical musician in my heart -and in a large part of my life- I explore an instrumental kind of electronic music, mostly inspired by classical repertoire.

​My first album, BachBox, has been published by
JeansMusic records - the new music label of the JeansMusic lab founded in 2018.

The second EP, Sound of Elements, has been relased on
March 31st 2020. Cantate de l'Espace-Temps, written for Baroque Reloaded, has been premiered in Jesi on September 4th for the Festival Pergolesi Spontini, coproduced by Fondazione Pietà de' Turchini, Napoli and that will be repeated (hopefully) in Napoli in 2021.


But 2021 will be dedicated to my beloved Charles Baudelaire, born 200 years ago with the Luxe, calme et volupté project.

If you're interested to more music I'm writing, still not released or meant just for my supporters, please visit my backstage!

Cantate de l'Espace-Temps

(2019 - no recording available yet)

Luxe, calme et volupté

(2021 - no recording available yet)

+ future releases and exclusives available in backstage

Spotify Corner

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Et entre temps, voici la musique que vous y trouverez:


Sound Of Elements


​"I took the four elements, and  analyzed the way  they were understood more or less hundred years ago, for example by a composer like Debussy. Then I took my inspiration from harmonies or pattern I found in his music, and reinvented a different vision of the same element using electronics.

I began with "Water", inspired by Debussy's Prelude "La cathédrale engloutie".

In this project, unlike I did in BachBox, electronics are played entirely live, using both the midi return of the acustic Yamaha piano keyboard"

Given the period of emergency we are experiencing in Italy and around the world due to the Covid-19, I have chosen to donate to Save the Children Italy the entire amount you will offer over and above the basic cost of the EP -on BandCamp, embedded here.

In addition, together with the JeansMusic records label, we are committed to donate 1 euro  (20% of the cost of the EP) to the charity for each donation you made, and contribute this way personally to "Non da Soli" project, which aims to support the most vulnerable children and families who are currently experiencing great economic difficulties, so that the children can continue their schooling and receive all the support they need to cope with food expenses and the purchase of basic necessities and services .

Have a look to the the projet

please feel free to share!

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Cantate de l'Espace-Temps


Not recorded yet, Cantate de l'Espace-Temps has been written for the show Baroque Reloaded, premiered in Festival Pergolesi-Spontini on September 4th 2019, and has been conceived to be perfomed together with an  Alessandro Scarlatti's toccata, two Vivaldi's Cantatas and a Pergolesi's cantata.

The electronic music is tought in order to create a musical frame to the baroque, and needs four performers: a soprano, a harpsichord, a cello,  and a piano/synth and live electronics.

Jesi, Festival Pergolesi Spontini - september 2019


BachBox (2018)

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Music composed for the show of the same name.


"I took the well known b-flat Partita by Bach as an inspiration basis. For each dance of the Partita I wrote a free electronic variation using Ableton Live. The idea was not just to play Bach with electronic basis and instruments, but to compose a brand new and original music from it, like the classical "Theme and variations". The result was a total surprise for me.

​The ispiration came obviously in one hand from the incredible music material Bach offered, and in an other hand from the sounds and effects of the electronic. Ambients that recalled me noises, words and sound environments of my every day life that I decided to include.

​I actually still ask myself what kind of music style it is. The basis is surely classical repertoire, the one I studied and played since I was five. Then I see there some progressive rock, some minimalism and obviously the electronics, the box, where all that music can stay together.

​It's like the Daft Punk interviewing Bach instead of Moroder!"