Jeans Symphony Orchestra



To experience an alternative to the "classical" onstage performance: that's what the Jeans Symphony Orchestra was conceived to. First step -but not least- was clothes: torn out the severe frac, JSO's conductor and musicians face the public in their jeans!
JSO held Revolution!, its first concert, in Milan in 2013. JSO's founder, conductor Matthieu Mantanus, dared to transgress the strict laws of classical symphony concert: the stage bathed in a rock-alike blue lighting, Mantanus even talked to the public during the concert, highlighting the key moments of Beethoven's Eroica just before playing it. It was a success.
Matthieu Mantanus took then his JSO in primetime, presenting five short musical "lessons" on italian public TV, RAI 3. The excellent audience results demonstrate that music in itself is not the real problem to reach larger audiences; the main hurdle is the way it's presented.

Change the form to preserve the essence was the claim for this challenge.
The Jeans Symphony Orchestra is coproduced by Circuito Musica