"Intimacy was a dream that has become true. Together with Sara Caliumi, the extra-talented visual designer I'm honored to work with within the JeansMusic lab, we succeeded in finding a way to get our public by the arm and go with them in a deep and somehow philosophical journey through music" - Matthieu Mantanus, JeansMusic lab founder and artistic director.

During this poetical musical show, the public experience three different levels of intimacy he probably not expected to find there: the strong one between a instrumentalist and his instrument; the ephemeral one between a composer and his music; and in the end the one that should be the goal for every artist: yours.


Idea & performance by

Matthieu Mantanus

Music by

Carrara, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann

Scene by

Sara Caliumi

Proudly produced by

JeansMusic lab (2016)